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New Community Podcast for Islay & Jura

Published on

18 December 2020 at 13:17:49

Written by

Holiday Homes Islay

Find out more about Islay & Jura in monthly installments by listening to the This Is Islay podcast.

A brand-new community-based podcast for Islay & Jura launched back in August of this year. The small team of Islay based volunteers produce an episode a month celebrating all Islay & Jura has to offer.

Episode one, launched in August featured Glen Roberts & Jolyon Thurgood among others discussing their plans for the podcast and what we can expect in the coming month, followed by pre-recorded interviews from Brendan O’Hara, Ian Gibson and Ella Edgar. Episode two, titled ‘Islay Resilience and A Trip to India’ featured just that. While episode three released in November featured Holiday Homes Islay’s very own Tom O’Farrell as their latest volunteer along with a discussion about paths from the Islay Community Access Group and music from the wonderful Islay Sessions 2020 performers run by The Fraser Shaw Trust.

If you would like to find out more about the This Is Islay podcast, or would like to volunteer your time to help produce an episode, you can email them at

You can listen to all their episodes by clicking the link below.

You can also find the on Facebook & Twitter @thisisislay and on Instagram @thisisislaypodcast.

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